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Implicit Association Test

This is a demonstration of an IAT-procedure (Greenwald et al., 1998) to assess an individuals implicit attitudes toward a target concept programmed in javascript.



There are no claims whatsoever this is a valid test of implicit attitudes. Reaction time measurement over the internet is generally not easy, but not impossible (Reimers & Stewart, 2007) and javascript is (from a technical point of view) probably not the optimal technique to attempt that task. I wrote the script mostly for fun to experiment with the possibilities of javascript these days.


The script requires the javascript library jQuery licensed under the MIT and GPL.


  • Greenwald, A. G., McGhee, D. E., & Schwartz, J. K. L. (1998). Measuring individual differences in implicit cognition: The Implicit Association Test. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 74, 1464-1480.
  • Reimers, S. & Stewart, N. (2007). Adobe Flash as a medium for online experimentation: a test of reaction time measurement capabilities. Behavior Research Methods, 39(3), 365-370.



Timo Gnambs
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Dr. Timo Gnambs

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